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Custom Magnets
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Instructions for Selecting & Sending Your Photo

Send Your Photo - Two ways to send:

  • Email to:, with your name(s) and/or Order # in the subject line (our preference).

  • Upload via our website: UPLOAD
  • *By uploading or emailing your image(s) to our website, you certify that you are either the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder to reprint the image(s) on your custom design.

How to Choose the Correct Image Size:

Digital Images:

Please send the ORIGINAL HI-RES IMAGE that came straight from a digital camera (with no reduction in size for email or web viewing.) If you are taking the images yourself, shoot your images in the highest resolution your camera supports.

CROPPING: Please send your UNCROPPED photo. We may need flexibility in positioning your photo or extra "bleed" for printing purposes. However, please feel free to send us an example of how you would like your photo cropped, along with the original.


The Original Hi-Res Image is the version of your image that has NOT been reduced in size for web/email. Images reduced in size for email/web viewing are fine for viewing online, however, they may print with reduced clarity, and we cannot guarantee the results of these images. If you are uncertain as to the quality of your image, feel free to send it to us prior to ordering, preferably with the design you are interested in, and we'll be happy to review your photo for quality.

Scanned images: Scan at 300-360 dpi or 300% or "print-quality."

Printed Photos:

  • Please call for instructions. 

File Formats:

  • Send as either a JPG, TIFF or PSD.

Image Editing:

EDITING: We will perform minor edits to enhance your photo, if necessary. (Extensive editing may require an additional fee.)

    Enhancements may include:

  • Red Eye Removal
  • Removing small objects (simple background/not adjoined to people)
  • Blemish removal
  • Softening a background

    If you would like photo editing, please let us know at the time of the order, and we'll let you know if it's something which would be included or if there would be an additional fee.

We look forward to creating a magnet you'll love!

Have questions?  Please email or call us!  (877) 238-9458



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